Hasselblad XPan Photography Blog

People from the world about my pictures

“Breath taking pictures…Thanks”
-Jerry & Bonnie Good, Toronto, Canada-
“Best pictures I’ve seen in a long time…”
-Alan, Australia-
“…very impressive pictures.”
-H. B. Kraut, Kathmandu, Nepal-
“…very impressed…great work”
-Yukido Kawara, Japan-
„…beeindruckende Photos-Danke!“
-T. Eick, Bad Hersfeld, Deutschland-
“…this photographic expressions…is reflection of the insight feelings, emotions, transpirations of human hearts….”
-Kishor Raj Bhandar, Bakthapur, Nepal-
“UNO! Well done Andreas…”
-Andrew Mc Skill, Australia-
-Pansr & Andrea, Prag, Czech Republic-
“Andreas, congratulations…..I love the power of black and white. Thank you!”
-W. Zaman, India-
“Stunning pictures!”
-Pietro Rusconi, Venice, Italy-
“Incredible panoramas, I love the black + whites.”
-Craig Baker, Kathmandu, Nepal-
“Great shots!!…So dramatic in B(lack) + W(hite)!!”
-Ainsley Wickins, Colchester, United Kingdom-
“All those amazing pictures just make you want to be there right now.”
-Fanny Martin, France-
-E. Saidi, Tehran, Iran-
“Beautiful photos. Love black and white.”
-Sandrez, New Delhi, India-
“…touched my heart and felt near the things in photo!”
-Ray Acharya, Kathmandu, Nepal-
“Very Very Cool!”
-L. Naylor, Parksville, Canada-


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