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New Hasselblad XPan Book – Nepal Pictures from Annapurna, Everest, Helambu & Langtang Area

Posted in Hasselblad XPan Photographie - Chronologie by Stimm on January 14, 2015

Nepal Trilogy Selection Annapurna, Everest, Helambu & Langtang






Now the Nepal XPan-Hasselblad picture book is published!

Visit : http://www.Explore.Nepal-Trilogy.de

Explore & Remember the Himalaya…

Best, Andreas Stimm


Cambodia: The mystical ruins of Angkor

Posted in Hasselblad XPan Photographie - Chronologie by Stimm on August 16, 2014

Definitely Angkor as UNESCO world heritage is a touristic hot spot. But the areas of the different ancient cities near the crowded –modern Siem Reap is a huge field of fascinating places of ruins, temples, sculptures, etc…


1-4. Breathtaking: giant trees over the ruins


5. In a “Lost world” – between the temples of Ta Prohm


6. A Kapok tree is sittting on the stones of the porticus


7. The magnificent  faces of Bayon, a buddhistic heritage  in the city Angkor Thom


8. Baphuon, center of the city Angkor Thom with a former population over 1 million people



9. In the heart of Angkor Wat with stone carvings of several hundred meters


Enjoy the art of XPan…

Best to all, Andreas Stimm

Nepal: On Tilman’s footprints to the Everest

Posted in Hasselblad XPan Photographie - Chronologie by Stimm on March 31, 2013

Some promised Hasselblad XPan photos  from the remote trekking route Tumlingtar-Lukla.
The route follows – Salpa Bhanjyang – Gudel – Bung – Surki La – Sibuje – Panggom La – Panggom – Kharikola.

It’s a trek on the footprints of Mr. Tilman. He done the first “Explorer Cross” from east to west and was searching the entrance into the Everest valley with the Dudh Koshi, starting in the eastern flatlands of the Himalaya .


1. Two men offers their knowledge in blanket repairs, moving from village to village

2. A large hanging bridge over the river Arun

3. The little village Phedi at the foot of the Salpa Bhanjyang pass

4. Near Chewabesi is sitting a man binding a carry basket

5. The way through rice paddies up to the settlement Gothe Bazar

6. A massive house at an altitude of 2900m in Panggom

NE_M01_0_Kharikola NE_M05_07_SalpaBanjiang
7. View from Panggom on Karelung (6530m) and Kwangde (6187m)
8. Porter carry three heavy wood trusses over the pass Panggom La (3174m)

Best, Andreas Stimm

Germany: Winter Impressions

Posted in Hasselblad XPan Photographie - Chronologie by Stimm on December 23, 2011

I’ve sorted some winter photographs from Germany. In the south-west area at the lower part there is mostly no heavy snow. But for sure you find snowy awesome landscapes in the Alps, the Black Forest and in the higher midlands of Germany.

Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Germany_Winter_Black_Forest_04 1. During cross-country skiing, at the upper part at the Black Forest near the peak of Hornisgrinde.
Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Germany_Winter_Black_Forest_05 2. A closeup view of a snow-icy powdered bush at the same area.


Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Germany_Winter_Alb_01 Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Germany_Winter_Black_Forest_02
3. The “Schwäbische Alb” during icy days. 4. Again in the upper part of the Black Forest by lustre ligthning.


5. In a “white world” at the Black Forest, so Black & White… Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Germany_Winter_Black_Forest_03 Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Germany_Winter_Alps_01 6. Taking photographs in the Alps by two meters snow height, bad conditions, and no way is only worth for pretty objects like these…

Best to all,  Andreas Stimm

Nepal: Back from Photo-Work

Posted in Hasselblad XPan Photographie - Chronologie by Stimm on December 23, 2011

We are back from the Tumlingtar-Everest Trek, an area with some very remote parts. Some new Hasselblad Xpan pictures, not added at the Nepal –Trilogy will be following at the start of the new year 2012.

Best, Andreas Stimm

England: New Royal Shakespeare Theatre – Stratford-upon-Avon

Posted in Hasselblad XPan Photographie - Chronologie by Stimm on July 12, 2011


Shooting Hasselblad-XPan photographs inside is generally for me only an aspect

in churches, cathedrals or halls. But Stratford-upon-Avons’s newly restored Shakespeare theatre was for me such a unique atmosphere and architectural highlight that I tried a few shoots freehand.  Amazing the results. A delightful light. I used a Kodak TMAX 400, an aperture of 4.0  and an exposure time set of 0,5-1-2 seconds.

Best Andreas Stimm



Waiting for the show…of  Shakespeare’s “King Lear”, played from Royal  Shakespeare Company (RSC)

Nepal: New Shots from the Shivapuri National Park & Helambu Area

Posted in Hasselblad XPan Photographie - Chronologie by Stimm on May 30, 2011

Again in Helambu. Like predicted from the poet Yuyutsu R. D. Sharma in his Helambu poetry the time is changing  and infrastructure and personal mobility move further on and influence the daily life. Despite all that aspects it is still worth to visit this remote area. Amazing hospitality, beautiful nature and interesting daily life is the true treasure in the Nepali midlands.

NE_I33002 NE_I24010     NE_I34001 KopieNE_I27010NE_I30006NE_I30004    NE_I35005 NE_I25010NE_I35009 KopieNE_I29005  NE_I25007 NE_I32003

Now in Box: The Hasselblad XPan Nepal -Trilogy

Posted in Hasselblad XPan Photographie - Chronologie by Stimm on March 11, 2011

Since spring the Nepal-Trilogy with over 600 XPan-Shots (English-German ISBN 978-3-9810883-2-8) is now available in a box. Four postcards & three bookmarks are included.
Annapurna, Everest, Helambu & Langtang in a timeless way.

Nepal_Trilogie_Hasselblad Logo_Panorama_Photograpphy

– 800 pages
– 600 Hasselblad-XPan Panorama Photographs
– 63 Poems from Nepal
– Daily walking description
– Overview maps & altitude profiles
– Additional mountain sketches from view points
– Over ten years Nepal-Photography
– Making of 
– Box edition
         + four Nepal Trilogy-postcards & three bookmarks 

Germany: Top of Germany – Zugspitze (2962m)

Posted in Hasselblad XPan Photographie - Chronologie by Stimm on February 19, 2011

1820 first climb from Josef Nauss, 1883 first refuge from the Alpine Club of Munich, 1900 built of a weather station, 1930 first train up to the “Schneeferner” plateau, 1931 opening of one of the highest hotels in the Alps, 1963 opening of the “Eibseeseilbahn”,  yearly visitors of the Zugspitze area: 500.000 people.

Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_Grat Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_Wetterwarte Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_Schneeferner_Haus Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_Kapelle

1. View down from the climbing ridge to the Schneeferner area 2. The Zugspitz plateau with the Münchner refuge in the back  3. The Schneeferner house   4. The highest church in Germany at the Schneeferner plateau

Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_Gipfel_01 Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_MaxPlankGebäude Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_Eibsee

5. Summit of Zugspitz  6. High altitude design of a new institute building at Zugspitz
7. View from the Eibsee up to Zugspitz summit

New Book Trilogy: Nepal with XPan Photographs

Posted in Hasselblad XPan Photographie - Chronologie by Stimm on October 25, 2010

The Nepal –Trilogy with more than 800 pages, over 500 panoramic Hasselblad XPan photographs and over 60 poems from Nepal is launched  by different events in Frankfurt, London and Paris. Poetic and photographic journeys through the main trekking areas in Nepal (Annapurna, Everest, Helambu & Langtang). Enriched with Nepali poems from the famous poet Yuyutsu R. D. Sharma.


www.Nepal-Trilogy.de / www.Nepal-Trilogie.de
Part I  / Teil I    http://www.AroundAnnapurna.de
Part II / Teil II    http://www.WayToEverest.de
Part III / Teil III    http://www.AmazingHelambu.de