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Cambodia: The mystical ruins of Angkor

Posted in Hasselblad XPan Photographie - Chronologie by Stimm on August 16, 2014

Definitely Angkor as UNESCO world heritage is a touristic hot spot. But the areas of the different ancient cities near the crowded –modern Siem Reap is a huge field of fascinating places of ruins, temples, sculptures, etc…


1-4. Breathtaking: giant trees over the ruins


5. In a “Lost world” – between the temples of Ta Prohm


6. A Kapok tree is sittting on the stones of the porticus


7. The magnificent  faces of Bayon, a buddhistic heritage  in the city Angkor Thom


8. Baphuon, center of the city Angkor Thom with a former population over 1 million people



9. In the heart of Angkor Wat with stone carvings of several hundred meters


Enjoy the art of XPan…

Best to all, Andreas Stimm


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