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Germany: Top of Germany – Zugspitze (2962m)

Posted in Hasselblad XPan Photographie - Chronologie by Stimm on February 19, 2011

1820 first climb from Josef Nauss, 1883 first refuge from the Alpine Club of Munich, 1900 built of a weather station, 1930 first train up to the “Schneeferner” plateau, 1931 opening of one of the highest hotels in the Alps, 1963 opening of the “Eibseeseilbahn”,  yearly visitors of the Zugspitze area: 500.000 people.

Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_Grat Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_Wetterwarte Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_Schneeferner_Haus Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_Kapelle

1. View down from the climbing ridge to the Schneeferner area 2. The Zugspitz plateau with the Münchner refuge in the back  3. The Schneeferner house   4. The highest church in Germany at the Schneeferner plateau

Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_Gipfel_01 Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_MaxPlankGebäude Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zugspitze_Eibsee

5. Summit of Zugspitz  6. High altitude design of a new institute building at Zugspitz
7. View from the Eibsee up to Zugspitz summit