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Vertical XPan photographs from Germany church towers

Posted in Hasselblad XPan Photographie - Chronologie by Stimm on April 5, 2010

Since my first visit of France, I was fascinated by these impressive cathedrals and ornate churches in the towns. Especially all the different clock towers inspires me a lot and I found it very remarkable, that every town seems to be represented a bit by his church and his tower. In Germany I remarked the same and found that the Hasselblad XPan is a perfect format to set all the individual ” town markers ” in a unique format. Maybe somebody will recognize his church tower and survey in details his wonderful city.

Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Nürnberg_Sebaldus Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Dresden_Frauenkirche Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Ulm_Münster Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_München_Marienkirche Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Köln_Dom Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Zwickau_Dom Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Naumburg_Dom 
1. Nürnberg-St. Sebaldus 2. Dresden-Frauenkirche 3. Ulm-Münster 4. München-Marienkirche
5. Köln-Dom 6. Zwickau-Dom 7. Naumburg-Dom

Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Stralsund_Nikolai Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Berchtesgaden_Stiftskirche Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Hannover_Marktkirche   Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Konstanz_Münster   Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Bremen_Dom  Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Regensburg_Dom Hasselblad_XPan_Stimm_Berlin_Nikolaikirche 8. Stralsund-Nikolaikirche 9. Berchtesgaden-Stiftskirche 10. Hannover-Marktkirche
11. Konstanz-Münster 12. Bremen-Dom 13. Regensburg-Dom 14. Berlin-Nikolaikirche